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Ping Me

Ping me is an application that allows you to send messages visible to anyone within five miles of your location. These messages disappear after 15 minutes. Other features include:

  • Follow user profiles by swiping left on any of their pings. Stop following any user at any time.

  • Make your profile invisible to hide your profile from other users that follow you.

  • Delete your activity and profile data permanently at any time.

  • No registration required.

Remember that every ping you send is visible to everyone in range. So be mindful of any information you share!

Alex Popp built Ping Me using the OutSystems platform, and its source code is freely available under the 3-Clause BSD License at the OutSystems Forge.

Privacy Policy

This application collects information that you provide about your device’s physical location. This includes your device hardware Id and operating system information. This information is not sold or otherwise provided to any third party unless prescribed by law. Server data resides on the OutSystems Cloud Platform. Information on their privacy policy can be found here.